“Gestalt” is a German word meaning “pattern” or “configuration” and it describes the way we make meaning in our lives.

Like all humanistic approaches to counselling, gestalt is collaborative. The therapist is not seen as being an “expert” who makes a diagnosis and then “treats” you. We work together to come to an understanding of what is going on for you and what options may be available to you. Together we embark on a journey of discovery, and I am here to offer you support when it is difficult, and celebrate with you when you uncover new insights or experience growth and change.

One way to free ourselves from old, unhelpful patterns is to tap into our creative side.  You may want to try using art materials to explore images or feelings. Working with dreams can also provide rich material exploration.

These approaches are completely optional and it is important that you feel able to choose to work in the way that most suits you. I may make suggestions in response to what you bring, and then between us we would decide how to work in each session.