Counselling and Psychotherapy

Counselling and psychotherapy can support you in many ways. Having the space to explore your thoughts and feelings can help you gain more clarity. Sometimes this may include finding ways to come to terms with difficult emotions or situations. At other times you may realise that there are options available that you hadn’t previously considered.

In shorter term counselling we may work on a particular issue over an agreed number of sessions. We would clarify what you hope to gain from the counselling work, and ensure that we work towards what feels achievable in the available time.

In longer term work we notice the emerging themes that recur over time. Sometimes these are the result of experiences from our past. In psychotherapy we have the opportunity to bring awareness to our patterns of behaviour, and this gives us more choice. I offer a range of approaches including talking therapy, creative therapies and dreamwork. I would support you in finding the approaches that work best for you.