Dream Circles

I currently offer a fortnightly dream group in Penzance, called Dream Circle. Participants work on their own dreams using a variety of dreamwork techniques including writing exercises, guided visualisations and image making.

We explore topics such as Characters in Dreams, Symbols and Metaphors, Dream Setting and Mood, Archetypal Dreams and the Self in dreams. The intention is to hear from aspects of ourselves that are usually “out of awareness”. By hearing the messages these aspects bring we have the potential to become more whole, and live our lives in a more authentic way. This approach to our dreams is both healing and inspiring.  

The courses run fortnightly with participants committing to the group for six or seven sessions (termly). The cost is £12 per session. There are currently spaces available for the spring term, starting January 10th. If you’re interested please get in touch. If Fridays are difficult for you let me know as I may soon offer a second Penzance group, or a group in St Just. I am also considering running a group in Penryn.

Mindfulness-based Cancer Support Group

This support group is offered for anyone affected by cancer, including partners and (voluntary) carers. I co-facilitate this group with Kay Parkinson at Mudita House, Penzance. We offer mindfulness practises and creative arts sessions as well as inviting occasional guest facilitators. There is also time to talk with others and find support.

We meet one Friday morning per month. Having offered the group voluntarily for the last 4 years we have recently been offered funding from Macmillan Cancer Support.

Please contact me for more information about these groups at:- or 07816 496251